Youth care

This article deals with care as laid down in the Child Care Act introduced in 2005. This type of care is primarily intended for children and their parents who encounter mental, social and pedagogical problems, which prevent the children from making a successful transition to adulthood. Provinces are responsible for the funding of youth care services.

Youth care is intended for people under the age of 18. In exceptional cases, provincially funded youth care can be extended to the age of 23. Age is defined as the age on 31 December 2012. The relatively high number of persons aged 18 years or older includes persons who were 17 years old when they received youth care, but who turned 18 in the course of the year.

Provincially funded youth care can be classified into two types of care, i.e. youth protection measures, supervision, guardianship and rehabilitation on the one hand and ambulatory youth care, day treatment, residential youth care and foster care on the other hand. Provincially funded youth can also be provided by organisations active on the national level.