Suspects of traffic offences (aged 12 to 24 years)

All registered suspects of traffic offences.

The Road Traffic Act 1994 (WvW) is the basis for road traffic regulations in the Netherlands. This act defines what is considered to be a traffic offence (offence or violation). The figures presented in StatLine only relate to offences. The most common traffic offences are driving under influence and failure to stop after an accident.

This concerns persons who have been registered in the National Law Enforcement Database (BVH) of the Dutch police. Persons who have not been registered in the Key Register of Persons (BRP) will be included in the absolute number of suspects, but not in the relative numbers. A person who has been registered more than once during a reporting year, will only be counted once in the total number of suspects. In addition, for each offence they will be counted once in the main crime group.