Suspects of property crimes (aged 12 to 24 years)

All registered suspects of property crimes.

Property crimes are defined in Articles 208 to 214, 216 to 223, 225 to 232, 234, 311, 312, 321 to 323, 326 to 334, 336, 337, 416 and 417bis of the Dutch Criminal Code. These are counterfeiting crimes, including making or circulating counterfeit money and falsification of documents. Also included are all forms of theft and burglary. Embezzlement, fraud and handling stolen goods are also included in this category.

This concerns persons who have been registered in the National Law Enforcement Database (BVH) of the Dutch police. Persons who have not been registered in the Persons Database (BRP) will be included in the absolute number of suspects, but not in the relative numbers. A person who has been registered more than once during a reporting year, will only be counted once in the total number of suspects. In addition, for each offence they will be counted once in the main crime group.