Participation in secondary education

Number or percentage of young people (aged 0-24 years) who attend a school for secondary education.

The number of young people in secondary education includes all those in practival education, preparatory secondary vocational education (vmbo), senior general secondary education (havo) or pre-university education (vwo).

This indicator does not include vmbo sections of agricultural schools in school year 2003/’04 to 2005/'06. As a result the figures may deviate from those presented by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Figures on vmbo sections of agricultural schools are included from 2006/'07.

The figures on the number of pupils are based on the registration of personal education numbers of secondary school pupils kept by the Information Management Group IB-Groep-Groep). The reference date is 1 October of the school year concerned. Data on municipality of residence and ethnic group are taken from the municipal population  registration.

All figures are rounded to the nearest 10. As a result of rounding total figures may not exactly equal the sum of the separate figures.

Data available from school year 2003/'04.

Source: Statistics Netherlands, Education Statistics.