Participation in preparatory secondary vocational education (vmbo) b/k 3-4

Number or percentage of young people (0-24 years) participating in preparatory secondary vocational education (vmbo), excluding the combined years.
These figures refer to the ‘basic vocational track’ and the ‘advanced vocational track’ of vmbo.

For school years 2003/'04 and 2004/'05, figures are only available on education funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. This means that pupils in vmbo sections of agricultural training centres, who are funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, are not included in the figures for these years. 

The figures on the number of pupils are based on the registration of personal education numbers of secondary school pupils kept by the Information Management Group (IB-Groep-Groep).

The reference date is 1 October of the school year concerned. Data on municipality of residence and ethnic group are taken from the municipal population registration.

All figures are rounded to the nearest 10. As a result of rounding total figures may not exactly equal the sum of the separate figures.

Data available from school year 2003/'04.

Source: Statistics Netherlands, Education Statistics.