National Health Survey/Lifestyle Monitor

The National Health Survey/Lifestyle Monitor is an annual survey which is conducted by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) in cooperation with the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The National Health Survey/Lifestyle Monitor aims to provide an overview of trends in health, lifestyle, health care use and preventive behaviour among the non-institutionalised Dutch population. The questions on physical activity are based on the so-called “short questionnaire to assess health enhancing physical activity (SQUASH)”. This questionnaire aims to provide a complete picture of physical activity levels. Survey respondents are asked what the frequency and the duration are of the following physical activities:

  1. Cycling and walking to and from work or school 

  2. Physical activities at work or at school 

  3. Activities in the household 

  4. Walking, cycling, playing outside, gardening, do-it-yourself activities 

  5. Sports

In addition, the health survey includes questions regarding weekly sports activities, memberships of sports clubs, and subscriptions at sports providers. Questions regarding physical activities among children aged 4 to 11 years are answered by their parent or caretaker. As of 2017, CBS publishes figures related to the Physical Activity Guidelines of the National Health Council which apply to all persons aged 4 years and over.