Diplomas: university bachelor

The total number of young people (aged 12-24 years) awarded a university bachelor’s diploma.
People with a bachelor’s diploma have successfully completed the first stage of university education. This first stage lasts for three years.

All bachelor exam passes are counted in the study year concerned. In higher education the study year starts on 1 September and ends on 31 August of the following year.

As the National Youth Monitor counts only people aged up to and including 24 years, figures published here may deviate from those presented by the Ministry for Education, Culture and Science, as the ministry counts all students in higher education, regardless of age.

The data refer to study years. 2005 is study year 2005/'06. The figures on passes refer to the situation at the end of the study year.

All figures are rounded to the nearest 10. As a result of rounding total figures may not exactly equal the sum of the separate figures.

Data available from study year 2000/'01.

Source: Statistics Netherlands, Education Statistics.