Youth monitor

About the National Youth Monitor

The National Youth Monitor is a summary of information, available in print and on the Internet, about the situation of young people in the Netherlands. The purpose of the monitor is to inform policymakers, researchers and other interested parties about the situation of the youth in the Netherlands today.  The monitor is compiled on the basis of existing reports and datasets and presents a picture of how the population aged 0-24 years in the Netherlands is doing. To this end, a number of indicators have been selected in the following domains: health and welfare, education, justice and labour. Each domain contains indicators that give a statistical insight into the situation of young people, and developments therein.

The overviews of data in the National Youth Monitor can be accessed by clicking on Indicators in the top bar or by clicking directly on a domain. The Information page contains more information about the National Youth Monitor. For details about the notation used in the Youth Monitor see the Explanation of Symbols.

The age group for which the indicator applies and the units are give in brackets after each indicator. If no unit is given, the figure is an absolute number.