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Young people and families

This page contains the indicators for the domain “Young people and families” of the National Youth Monitor.

At the moment, the English version of the National Youth Monitor contains only results for the years 2007 to 2011. If results are available for other years or periods (see the explanation of the indicator) they can be retrieved from the Dutch version of the site, or by contacting the Youth Information desk.


Young people and families

Indicator 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Number of young people (x 1,000) 4,927 4,908 4,897 4,884 4,883
Young people in one-parent families 674,840 691,331 702,332 717,958 724,974
Children living in poverty (0-17 years, x 1,000) 377.7 379.9 357.0
Children in families on income support (0-17 years, x 1,000) 212.9 222.9 225.7 230.5
Families on income support (x 1,000) 118.3 123.3 123.2 124.5
Teenage mothers (aged 19 years or younger) 2,688 2,429 2,579 2,214 2,078
Children whose parents divorced (0 to 17 years) 34,180 35,727 34,650 33,561
Divorcing couples with children (0-17 years) 18,934 19,906 19,215 18,628
Live born first children 79,460 80,744 77,666 78,092
Households with children (x 1,000) 2,340 2,338 2,336 2,335 2,335
Green pressure (%) 38.4 38.2 38.0 37.9 37.8
  • Annual Report Youth Monitor 2016 Summary

    The Annual Report 2016 provides insights into the situation of young people. It describes how the nearly 5 million young persons in the Netherlands are doing, based on certain indicators and current topics.
  • Number of minors declining

    The number of young people under 18 has declined by 170 thousand since 2005. The Netherlands had 3.4 million minors at the start of 2015, amounting to 20 percent of the total population. 
  • Relatively more children of families on income support in the big cities

    At the end of 2014, the Netherlands had almost 230 thousand children aged 0 to 18 years in families relying on income support benefits, which equals 6.5 percent of all children living with their parents. 
  • More and more underage children live with one parent

    Nearly 15 percent of all underage children in the Netherlands lived in a one-parent family in 2014. Families within which children grow up have changed in the last fifteen years. More 0-17-year-olds live in a one-parent family and an ever increasing number have unmarried parents.
  • Annual Report 2014 - Summary

    This is the summary of the seventh Annual Report of the National Youth Monitor of the Netherlands. The report describes the living conditions of the five million Dutch 0–24 year-olds in the Netherlands, focusing on a number of current topics.
  • Most young people online with smartphone

    If they are not at home, a smartphone is by far the most popular mobile device for young people to access the internet. Once online, they spend most of their time playing video games, watching films and accessing social networks. They also buy tickets for upcoming events.
  • One in seven underage children live in a single-parent family

    The population of the Netherlands includes 3.5 million underage children. One in seven of these children live with just one parent. This proportion varies strongly between municipalities.
  • More children at risk of poverty

    The number of underage children at risk of poverty has increased in 2011. In the provinces of South Holland and Groningen, more children grow up in poverty than in other provinces. In more than half of cases, families do have enough money to go on holiday.
  • Annual Report 2012 - Summary

    This summary presents the main results of the Annual Report 2012, which is based on information from the National Youth Monitor website.