Youth monitor


This page contains the indicators for the domain “Labour” of the National Youth Monitor.

If results are available for other years or periods (see the explanation of the indicator) they can be retrieved from the Dutch version of the site, or by contacting the Youth Information desk.

  • Annual Report Youth Monitor 2016 Summary

    The Annual Report 2016 provides insights into the situation of young people. It describes how the nearly 5 million young persons in the Netherlands are doing, based on certain indicators and current topics.
  • Annual Report 2014 - Summary

    This is the summary of the seventh Annual Report of the National Youth Monitor of the Netherlands. The report describes the living conditions of the five million Dutch 0–24 year-olds in the Netherlands, focusing on a number of current topics.
  • Annual Report 2012 - Summary

    This summary presents the main results of the Annual Report 2012, which is based on information from the National Youth Monitor website.