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Health and welfare

This page contains the indicators for the domain “Health and welfare” of the National Youth Monitor.

At the moment, the English version of the National Youth Monitor contains only results for the years 2007 to 2011. If results are available for other years or periods (see the explanation of the indicator) they can be retrieved from the Dutch version of the site, or by contacting the Youth Information desk.

  • Annual Report Youth Monitor 2016 Summary

    The Annual Report 2016 provides insights into the situation of young people. It describes how the nearly 5 million young persons in the Netherlands are doing, based on certain indicators and current topics.
  • Many young smokers in the north

    Between 2010 and  2014, over 14 percent of young Dutch between the ages of 12 and 20 were smoking. This percentage is particularly high in the north of the Netherlands.
  • Annual Report 2014 - Summary

    This is the summary of the seventh Annual Report of the National Youth Monitor of the Netherlands. The report describes the living conditions of the five million Dutch 0–24 year-olds in the Netherlands, focusing on a number of current topics.
  • 10 percent of 18-24 year-olds who smoke are heavy smokers

    Nearly one in three 18-24 year-olds smoke, and one in five of this age group are overweight. At the same time, nearly 91 percent report their own health as good or very good. Young people who smoke and those who are overweight are less positive about their health than those who do not smoke and those who are not overweight.
  • Most young people online with smartphone

    If they are not at home, a smartphone is by far the most popular mobile device for young people to access the internet. Once online, they spend most of their time playing video games, watching films and accessing social networks. They also buy tickets for upcoming events.
  • More than 100 thousand children in youth care

    In 2012, 103 thousand young people (approximately 3 percent) received youth care. Amsterdam has the highest number of children in youth care, but the highest proportion of children in youth care was recorded in the municipality of Kerkrade.
  • Young people in low-income households more often overweight

    Approximately 15 percent of 2 to 25-year-olds struggle with overweight. Yet, nearly all young people assess their state of health as good. Young members of low-income households are more often overweight and have more GP contacts than their counterparts in the households with the highest incomes.
  • Annual Report 2012 - Summary

    This summary presents the main results of the Annual Report 2012, which is based on information from the National Youth Monitor website.